DiBO hot water high-pressure cleaning machine

The high-pressure water cleaning technique is an effective mechanical solution for removing dirt. This method can be used in a wide variety of industrial and agricultural fields. The available equipment comes in a variety of designs. The three main, primary types of technical properties of high-pressure cleaning equipment are known, the operating pressure, the amount of water flowing through and the water temperature.

The effect of hot water

The use of warm water makes the cleaning process more efficient, as it increases the water's ability to dissolve pollutants and reduces the amount of chemicals needed. Overall, the hot water system, if its use is justified, makes cleaning significantly faster and more efficient.

Effect of flowing water volume

Those high-pressure cleaning devices that can flow a larger amount of water to remove dirt have a stronger soaking effect. Such equipment can be particularly useful in areas where larger surfaces need to be cleaned quickly, such as agricultural facilities, car washes or building facades. The advantage of a higher water flow rate is that the higher water flow can remove dirt stuck to the surface more effectively than high water pressure alone.

Effect of operating pressure

High-pressure cleaning machine can exert greater physical force to remove dirt stuck to the surface. This is useful against harder, heavier, chunky or granular contaminants, such as in construction or heavy industry. The high-pressure water jet is also more effective against oil stains or other chemical contamination. In the construction industry, for example, the power of higher water pressure is used during cleaning after construction to remove concrete or plaster residues.

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